Sunday, March 17, 2013

A new day, so a new post...literally a new post as in seat post. I will admit that I feel like a fool on this one. I decided to go true boutique brand on this part and settled on AX Lightness. Luckily, I found a used post in the Weight Weenie classifieds, Thanks to Jesper aka Eigner!

Now this is how/why I feel like an idiot. I received the post and weighed it.

As you can see; 129 grams! I was completely ticked off because I was expecting this to be a lot closer to 100 grams. I had reviewed several websites prior to making my decision and would never have bought this if I had known the real weight (this is a L2 if you are wondering or know anything about AX products).

But hold on; this is where I prove I'm a fool. I actually installed the post and called Fairwheel Bikes (a great e-bicycle shop based in Arizona) to get a carbon cradle because I thought Jesper had failed to send with the post. Jason at Fairweel said he would send me one for free because he had it sitting around in his parts drawer. Once it arrived, I installed the post and saddle and was going to live with the weight. However, when I picked up the frame I kept hearing a rattle that I thought was coming from the water bottle bolts but listened closer and it was coming from the post/saddle so I took the post out and what do you know I found this:

The parts I thought were missing and thus the additional weight! Turns out Jesper sent everything but it was stored in the post - sorry for my cursing him now!

End of the day the post was about the weight I was expecting - 106 grams.

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