Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well, I really hate to admit this but after all this careful planning I got so excited to start getting things together I forgot to take pictures of the two most recent items I received prior to installing them on the bike! I can't believe I did that but am entirely too lazy to take them back off to do the job correctly. Also I have a slightly bigger reason - I have not one mechanical bone in my body, so I actually had to pay the bike shop (thanks Richardson Bike Mart) to install the headset and bottom bracket.

I realize most people at this point are completely appalled and can't believe a "Fred" like me is out there riding but I accepted that fact long ago and couldn't be happier. I am sure my local shop appreciates the business but I am sure the sales people hate me because I spend more time looking at things and buying else where because of my first rule to Never Pay Retail!

I did remember to weigh the two items and have included some stock pictures from the web for reference.

My headset was actually slightly better than advertised in the weight category. It came in at 61 grams. I actually found a picture on another headset on a scale with the same weight so I included that as well for reference.

Credit on this photo obviously goes to r2-bikes in Germany but luckily you can find anything on the web if you search hard enough.

And as I mentioned, I also forgot to take a picture of the bottom bracket. I went with a Chris King ceramic GXP version. The red anodization is gorgeous however as of right now the crank isn't as fiction free as I thought it would be...

I have seen several videos on YouTube and other locations that show ceramic bottom brackets installed and the cranks spinning forever without the chain. This isn't happening with the CK bottom bracket at this point. I am hoping it just takes longer to "break-in." It does feel extremely smooth but just not as "spinny" (I know this isn't a real word). On the plus side, the bottom bracket was advertised as 99 grams and mine was actually 97 grams on my scale. Once again here is a stock photo for reference since I am a complete dufus!



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