Monday, March 18, 2013

Moving right along - I guess the next part to discuss is the crank. I wavered more on this purchase than any other on this build. I wanted so much to go all out and buy something only seen on the most exclusive bikes like THM, Stork, AX Lightness or perhaps a Tune. The only problem; no matter how much a searched I couldn't find a good deal. I looked in all the usual spots Weight Weenies (found one - not the right length), EBay (absolutely nothing), other e-shops (asking way too much), so in the end after reading a lot of reviews I decided to go with the new 2013 SRAM Exogram.

As you can see from the pictures not a bad starting weight but not great either. This is a compact version and GXP. The BB30 cranks are lighter. In every review, I read that the the chain rings were the culprit.

And guess what - the reviews didn't lie. The rings alone weigh a terrifying 157 grams! I knew for a fact I could find something lighter but perhaps give something up in shifting quality. This was a small price to pay in my mind because I don't race. I looked at several options and was going to by some Fiberlyte chain rings to keep the carbon mantra going but decided to go with the next best option: Extralite.

Simple enough process even for me to change the rings and saved 65 grams - meaning the Extralite 50/34 came in at 92 grams!

I am anxiously awaiting the bottom bracket. I had to get a GXP compatible bottom bracket which aren't very light.

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