Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why wait - I received the greatest of all packages the other day. I must be living right because I was able to snag some CarbonSports Lightweight Standard wheels for an unbelievable price. Those who are into cycling know these wheels are the holy grail of wheels and the measuring stick for almost every other set of wheels. I think I have read that even the pros pay for them - no freebies from CarbonSports!!

I had a set a couple of years ago but sold them to help my ex-wife start-up her insurance you can see that obviously didn't turn out that well; and the worst part was I was out the wheels. Fast forward about two years and I found a guy selling his set on Weight Weenies and couldn't pass up the deal. I was forced to sell my beloved Cervelo SLC SL to fund the purchase but in reality I have no need for two top end road bikes (even though they were intended for completely different purposes: aero Vs. weight).

I special thanks to Kfreytag; the guy lives in California but actually grew up in my town (small world).

Rear wheel with Vittoria Corsa Evo CX and Vittoria valve extenders- only 876 grams.

Front wheel with Vittoria Corsa Evo CX and Vittoria valve extenders - only 754 grams.

I will take photos that do teh wheels and bike justice once it is completely build up; right now these are just teasers for the weight!

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  1. From one Z3 to another. Get 'em on there! Hope you love 'em as much as I have.