Friday, March 22, 2013

Sorry for the delay; another great piece arrived today. When I cam home today I had one of those wonderful sticky notes on my door informing me I had a package at the office.

I picked up the package and honestly couldn't remember exactly what I had ordered. I am still missing some things and this package was light and delivered from Germany - Man I love the Internet and the truly global economy!

I couldn't wait, so I literally ripped open the package right outside the office to see what was inside. It turned out to be my long awaited handlebar. I decided to pay a little extra for this item just because of the name factor. There are several cheaper alternatives that are relatively close to this piece in terms of weight but from a self admitted brand snob nothing beats this name when discussing weight weenie products: Schmolke.

Not only is the name synonymous with quality and extravagance the logo actually matches my frame perfectly: a little red with pure black carbon bars.

The bar I selected was an oversized SL version in 42 cm. Here is a picture of it on the scale.

As I mentioned, there are some bars I could have purchased that would have been close to this bar or better in weight but not as exclusive or as plain gorgeous for the build I'm working on. In the end I am happy and that's what matters. Bars and other contact points in the end are a personal preference and if they work for you so be it!

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