Friday, March 15, 2013

Well continuing to receive parts a little at a time. I can't say enough about the fellow members of Weight Weenies. The stuff on there may be used but most of these guys are as anal as I am about keeping their stuff pristine and you can always get a deal if you wait long enough or get lucky. My motto: Never Pay Retail!

The next parts to arrive actually came from the dreaded I love that site I don't know why some people hate it. I have only had one bad experience and for the most part you can't beat the deals. I will say that my local bike shop probably hates me because I spend a lot of time there learning about items to buy them cheaper on EBay. I do try to buy consumable items there like tires, bar tape, etc

Well onto the next parts- I received my front and rear derailleurs.

The font is a SRAM pre-2012 Red and appeared to be in really good condition from the listing and only cost me like $16; yes you read that right $16 with shipping. I was a bit surprised to see it was pretty marred on the attachment portion but I had planned on doing some modifications to reduce the weight and figured I could sand and buff out the scratches with my dremmel. One thing you should know is I'm not really that handy so I actually made the entire thing look worse; Thank GOD for primer and spray paint. I actually like the final look better than the original and will get some more decent shots; right now I am only documenting the build and weight.

The original weight was 68 grams so I did get a 2 gram reduction even with the primer and flat black spray paint which turned out well. I also replaced the bolts with a Far and Near bolt kit.

The rear derailleur was also a pre-2012 SRAM Red and again I got it from EBay but this was actually in great condition and only cost $110 shipped. I had already planned to do modifications to it based on postings from Weight Weenies but on my recent experiences with the dremmel thought better of actually cutting and drilling and decided to just use some after market parts I had already received from other EBay transactions. I had a Far and Near bolt kit, Fiberlyte rear plate, and some custom carbon jockey wheels made by some guy that goes by RothShek. I actually had experience with the RothShek jockey wheels in the past from an old Campy Record build so I trusted the quality.


I only dropped 17 grams from the original but was fearful of really screwing this thing up. I know I could drop another 4-6 grams by easily replacing the jockey wheels with the ultralight version as well as the swapping the rear plate for the Fiberlyte ultra version but for now I'm okay with the savings.

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