Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well another day and another part. This time I have the saddle which I think was one of my best finds. I actually bought a blemished Specialized Toupe 143 off EBay. I knew I was going to modify this piece so the markings and rubs didn't bother me and at the end of the day all it cost was $90 and some labor of love.

There are several posts on Weight Weenies concerning modifications of saddles and the process was relatively easy even for someone as non-mechanically inclined as myself. All I had to do was strip off the padding and sand the saddle a little. I actually went a little further and bought some clear coat in a spray can from an auto shop to give the saddle some added protection and the glossy appearance. I think the project turned out well and took me about 3 hours total (not including drying time).

SO, a Sub 100 gram saddle for less than $100- that can't be beat!

In the future I might upgrade the saddle to the new AX Lightness saddle that has a cut out. I can't convince myself to spend that kind of money yet but who know Christmas may come early and it can save about 30 additional grams (and every gam counts)!

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