Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just received new (well new to me) custom Parlee Z3 frame and going to venture into the realm of True bicycle weight weenie'ism - as can probably tell grammer isn't my best attribute and I have no idea how this made-up word would/should be spelled. Over the next several days, more likely weeks, I will post more information and pictures about the frame and upcoming build.

As a little bit of a teaser until I can get some better pictures- here is a quick picture of the fork and frame on a scale to document the project from start to finish.

A little disappointed in the overall weight to start the project but the Parlee has been one of my dream bikes. I am definitely going to have to make up this weight with savings in other locations which might push costs higher than expected.

Right now JUST FRAME & FORK sitting at 1352 grams. This doesn't even include headset, seatpost clamp or front derailleur clamp but did include rear derailleur hanger.

The fork is the most disappointing part - I was thinking that the fork was the Enve/Edge 1.0 but it is actually the 2.0 version. This might be one of the items that throws my budget out the window if I decide to replace it with something more suitable for a frame of this quality.

Overall, I would like to thank a fellow weight weenie forum member for this previously owned frame. It was in immaculate condition; THANKS Carbon2329!! 

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