Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's really starting to come together. Today I'm going to show you the cassette I will be using. This is one of the easiest places to lose some real weight; I realize durability will be a trade-off but light weight isn't without a price which is typically ACTUAL DOLLARS or DURABILITY...OR BOTH

In this case, I actually saved money compared to buying a SRAM Red cassette. I have no idea the maker of the cassette because to tell the truth I actually didn't look. The cassette is two pieces - first six gears being titanium and the last four gears being aluminum. I know companies like Recon make something very similar to this set-up but couldn't say for certain so I will just say it's brand "generic."

Once again I have Weight Weenies to thank for this part. I can't begin to say enough about the fellow cyclists on the forum. If you are looking for great weight savings ideas or modifications someone on that site knows how to do it. I purchased the cassette from CBRE - Can't thank you enough!

Can't beat 97 grams for a 10 speed cassette. The lockring was 4 grams so a total of 101 grams! Can't wait to get these installed on some wheels...

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